Foley & Lardner: “Blockchain for Digital Logistics and Smart Warehouses”

Barcelona, February 22, 2022.- The Foley & Lardner Law Firm has published a detailed and exhaustive analysis of the benefits of blockchain technology for the logistics industry, which is so important for the success of e-commerce around the world. Therefore, its reading is highly recommended for managers of transport and logistics companies. Here is a summary of your diagnosis.

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Blockchain to Ease Logjams as Supply Chains Ditch Paper for Digital

Barcelona, November 30, 2021.- As reported by the economic news agency, Bloomberg, the Covid-19 pandemic is speeding up a technological transformation of global trade as supply chains play catchup in shifting from paper to digital transactions.

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The #Blockchain Keys to Improve India’s Supply Chain

Barcelona, December 24, 2020.- Maritime Gateway magazine has published a very interesting report on the advances of Blockchain technology in India, one of the most populated countries in the world, along with China. Blockchain will help overcome historical inefficiencies in India in this way:

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