AndSoft announces on its 25th anniversary the launch of new products and a new evolution of its technological platform

Barcelona, March 23, 2023.- AndSoft, a European manufacturer of transport and logistics management software (TMS), celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. To commemorate this event, it has organized a Convention in Barcelona for all its employees spread over several European countries. At the same time, Víctor Vilas, BDM AndSoft, and Pilu Morante, Product Manager AndSoft, explained this launch.

Víctor Vilas, BDM AndSoft: “At the next SITL in Paris we will present a new evolution of the technological platform specifically aimed at medium-sized transport companies: “Our new platform will be evolutionary. It will gradually drift with all the developments that are necessary, and particular, for each of our client portfolios. If we have waited 3 years, now we will be very careful with this new tool that we understand will be a technological milestone for transport and logistics companies in the coming years. We will do the pre-launch in Paris in two weeks, to launch it definitively to the general public in 2024”.

AndSoft’s 25th anniversary in Barcelona. AndSoft Employees Convention

Brilliant technological evolution

AndSoft has highlighted the technological moment of European transport companies after the “break” of the global Covid19 pandemic: “A TMS, Transportation Management Software, had to incorporate, yes or yes, pricing, planning, integration, billing, accounting. Today, the technological evolution of freight transport has been amazing and carriers ask us about digital documents (eCMR), Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), APPs, KPI+BI, Supply Chain connectivity, and Cybersecurity. Fortunately, AndSoft makes daily integrations with our technology partners in onboard computing, cartography, route optimizer, freight exchanges, logistics consulting, etc.” AndSoft leads these technological needs of European freight transport. Proof of this is that AndSoft has created a new division to prevent and solve any security breach on the Internet.

The situation of the European freight transport market

Víctor Vilas, BDM AndSoft, has offered a diagnosis of the European freight transport market: “We have 250 clients in 18 countries with headquarters in Spain, Andorra, France, Lithuania, and Italy. Therefore, we can implement all the trends that occur in any country in all our clients. Our vision is that, despite all the uncertainties that Europe is suffering, freight transport companies are at an optimum moment and with growth expectations in the short and medium term”.

For AndSoft, this situation is perfect to initiate technological transitions with a TMS adapted to the circumstances of the set of services of a transport company.

AndSoft: Bases of Evolution until 2020

• European specialization.

• 20 years of experience

• Solutions provided by the TMS until 2020:

  • Transport ERP
  • Pricing
  • Planning
  • Integration
  • Billing
  • Accounting

Paradigm shift. Redefinition of reality. So far, more than 10 years of trying to convince of Digital Transformation. Pandemic forces us to work differently. The sector saw not only that it was possible, but that it was necessary.

AndSoft News 2023:

  • Digital Documents (eCMR).
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  • IoT (Internet of Things).
  • Apps.
  • KPI+BI.
  • Supply Chain Connectivity.
  • Cybersecurity.

If you need a TMS for your transport company, contact AndSoft

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