“A lot of businesses have been using blockchain to transform their supply chain management”

Barcelona, February 23, 2023.- The Africa Logistics reflects on the application of Blockchain technology in the supply chain in a country like India, the first most populous in the world:

Blockchain tools help improve customer service by integrating automation to ensure customer needs are met with minimal hindrance. It helps with inventory management, creates better transparency with the customer and improves freight transportation.

It makes use of several methods to analyze data and generate better reports that can be used to see the manufacturing and shipping process and eventually the shipping of the product to the customer.

All in all, the logistics industry has a tremendous growth set for 2023 and in the coming years. With AI, Big Data, IoT and other advance solutions available to help create excellent strategies to provide great solutions to customers, many businesses are turning to invest more in logistics.

With an evolution of multiple trends in the market, companies need to keep up with tech advancements to navigate through the challenges and adapt to the changing times.

The pandemic time has changed the game for many economic activities and logistics is no different. Consumer demands are always on the rise. During the pandemic, there has been a hike in demand for goods with a shortage of supply.

Information by The Africa Logistics


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