AndSoft presents solutions for special transport ADR and oversized cargo

Barcelona, June 14, 2022.-   AndSoft, a European company that manufactures software for transport and logistics (e-TMS), presented at SIL in Barcelona (31 May to 2 June), stand E 532, new solutions dedicated to special transport: ADR and oversized. Plus a new evolution of TrackAPP.

With e-TMS, the technological platform for transport management developed by AndSoft, the transport of ADR classified and oversized materials is simplified, thanks to a customized solution that adapts to the needs of the company’s activity. The main features are:

  • Customization of transport units and volumes (bulk, containers).
  • Management of load thresholds.
  • Management of load incompatibilities.
  • Transport declarations and management of regulatory information.
  • Resource management, ADR certificates and special permits

TrackAPP, the mobile application for drivers developed by AndSoft, evolves to adapt to special transportation activities.

The TrackAPP ​​​​application allows the driver to manage the loading, transport, delivery of goods in real time, and optimize all transport processes: photographs, electronic signature and GPS positioning of the goods.

TrackAPP ​​​​provides a real-time schedule, facilitates communication between the driver and operations and allows incidents to be reported directly in the application, for immediate problem handling.

The application also allows you to manage electronic consignment notes or eCMR. In this way, it is possible to maintain the traceability of all operations and any incident. The very design of the signature processes makes the e-CMR inviolable, and allows its use as a trusted third party in transport operations. The sectors for which TrackAPP ​​is designed: Industry, aerospace, machine tools, food, bitumen, transport of hazardous materials (gas, petrochemicals, etc.).TrackAPP, a fully customizable solution, is available on iOS and Android.

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