The best visual explanation of what blockchain technology is for your business and for your personal life

Barcelona, August 31, 2020.- The 5th industrial revolution will be technological and each citizen will benefit. For example, Blockchain technology will transform company processes and the way we interact on the Internet. Its importance will be vital in the coming days, weeks or months. For these reasons, it is important to know the origin, operation and advantages of Blockchain technology simply with an image. This need has been excellently covered by the British News Agency Reuters with this magnificent work:

Reuters Graphics

More Analysis on Blockchain in Logistics:

  • ChatGPT and Logistics
    Barcelona, February 8, 2023.- Artificial intelligence, machine learning, ChatGPT, AI to generate content, AI for Internet search engines…In recent months there has been a lot of talk about these technologies…But can these developments benefit the logistics industry? Every computer expert has an answer. Today we mention a positive thesis about ChatGPT:
  • Five key IoT trends for the logistics sector
    Barcelona, February 6, 2023.- RCR Wireless News magazine has published a diagnosis on the application of IoT (Internet of Things) technology in the logistics sector. The conclusions:
  • “Blockchain can help the freight and transportation industry by redesigning delivery processes”
    Barcelona, February 1, 2023.- India is the most populous country in the world with 1,417 million inhabitants. It has recently surpassed China. For this reason, logistics analyzes coming from India can be useful in other geographical areas:
  • How could supply chain directors – and their supplying partners – get back their grip on operations?
    Barcelona, January 30, 2023.-
  • Maersk and MSC will discontinue their 2M alliance in 2025
    Barcelona, January 25, 2023.- Maersk and MSC will discontinue their 2M alliance in 2025 as the two companies pursue different strategies. The 2M alliance allowed the two carriers to share cargo capacity in the Asia-Europe, Transatlantic and Transpacific trade lanes as part of a container shipping line vessel sharing agreement.There will be no immediate impact… Continue reading Maersk and MSC will discontinue their 2M alliance in 2025
  • “We expect supply chain disruptions and price increases to reemerge in 2023”
    Barcelona, 23 de enero del 2023.-
  • 6 ways AI is transforming warehouse operations
    Barcelona, January 18, 2023.– Warehouse and Logistics News magazine has published the keys for warehouses to take advantage of artificial intelligence:
  • “Surface transportation and logistics companies reap significant rewards from technology investments”
    Barcelona, January 16, 2023.- This statement is published by Supply Chain 247 magazine in the following analysis of technology and logistics:
  • Supply Chain Issues Impacting 2023 and Beyond
    Barcelona, January 4, 2023.-
  • How Will Quantum Computing Affect Logistics?
    Barcelona, December 21, 2022.- According to the magazine “More than Shipping”, the ability of quantum computers to solve complex problems will help logistics companies make more competitive and cost-effective decisions that will reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • Ecommerce: “The industry was unprepared for this rapid shift to B2C”
    Barcelona, December 14, 2022.- Inbound Logistics magazine has published an analysis of the logistical consequences of the ecommerce boom. Reflections for the present and the future:
  • “Blockchain is a valuable asset for providing shipping information” 
    Barcelona, December 7, 2022.- Business Blockchain HQ has published an extensive analysis on Blockchain technology in supply chains:
  • How soon will we see driverless trucks on the road?
    Barcelona, November 23, 2022.- Join David Liu, CEO and Co-Founder of Plus, for a discussion on where we are in the deployment of autonomous trucks generally, why Plus chose its evolutionary path to get to driverless trucks, the company’s commercialization updates, and what the future will look like with these trucks on the road.

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